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Residential Asphalt Paving in Toronto and GTA

Still the preferred choice for many people, asphalt can last for two or more decades, if well laid and well maintained. Stone base is generally "Grade A" gravel or crusher limestone, as these aggregates offer the best compaction and drainage qualities. Asphalt is generally available in two grades. A mix called "HL3" is the grade recommended by the industry.


The other type is "HL3A", which provides a smoother, more attractive finish, but is not as durable as HL3. In general, a six inch base, topped with two inches of asphalt meets most needs. View our paving guide to understand what is involved with paving asphalt. Contact Nortown Paving & Construction for a free estimate.


View our photo gallery for Asphalt driveway paving. Read more about what an asphalt paving contractor does and what to expect when hiring an paving contractor in your area.


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Minimum charge for any asphalt paving project is $3000

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