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  • Stamped concrete offers a wide variety of colors and different stamped designs which can be used to make your driveway look unique and elegant.. Our Nortown paving, our stamped concrete offers a quality designs and workmanship to ensure it lasts for the years to come.


  • Stamped concrete is able to withstand the harsh winters we have in Canada. The 'jointless' design is able to eliminate weeds and planet growth and looks great with other design features for your outdoor landscape.


Choose Nortown Paving & Construction when considering a concrete driveway to do the job right the first time. View our photo gallery for stamped concrete or regular concrete. Contact Nortown Paving & Construction for a free estimate.

Read about the designer driveway in an article published on August 5, 2004 in the Toronto Star. The driveway which is photographed was completed by us at Nortown Paving & Construction. Since then materials may have changed but selecting a contractor who can get the job done is important.


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Minimum charge for any asphalt paving project is $2000

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