Warranty & Recommendations for Asphalt Paving

Nortown paving offers a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on all materials and workmanship. Nortown Paving cannot be held responsible for damage caused due to gasoline and oil spills; power steering scuff marks; denting from sharp objects; such as ladders and chairs or bicycle kick stands. Or failure of customer to trim the growth along edges of driveway. Pavement failure due to Sub-Soil sink gage. Nortown Paving & Construction Inc. does not guarantee cracks on concrete surface & scaling of concrete due to excess usage of salt.


Nortown Paving & Construction Inc. shall make every attempt to maintain schedules subject to weather conditions, availability of materials and matters beyond the control of company Nortown Paving & Construction Inc. shall provide Workmen's Compensation Insurance, public liability Insurance & property Insurance for damage being done by the staff of contractor. Company policy requires all requests for recall to be in writing prior to follow-up. Payment shall be made on Completion, unless otherwise agreed upon.


l. Do not park your car on the driveway for at least 3 - 4 days. The entire layer of asphalt generally needs 7 days to cool thoroughly.

2. Hose down the driveway during hot weather to cool it down.

3. To avoid marking the surface, be careful not to turn the car wheels while the car is stationary on the driveway during hot weather.

4. It is not recommended that you seal your driveway for the first 3 months as it takes the tar and oils in the asphalt that long to evaporate or solidify. After the first three months it is recommended that you seal your driveway with an asphalt based sealer annually.

5. Before placing any sharp object on the asphalt, place a sheet Of plywood underneath object to prevent marks. Nortown Paving & Construction Inc. will not be responsible for unknown subgrade Conditions or damage to unknown pipes, wires, etc. Under or near driveway.

6. Every Spring, cut grass 6 inches from the edge of driveway.


Yes- concrete does crack.

We do not like it either but in most cases, it is bound to happen. This is why we install crack control joints where the concrete is most likely to crack. If the concrete cracks in these control joints, this is exactly what we had hoped for. We do everything we can to control cracking, but there is NO GUARANTEE that concrete will not crack in other places. Cracks that are 3/16” of one inch or less (in height or gap) are considered normal and are within industry standards. Colour shown on chart can vary slightly. Conditions that will cause variation are inconsistent slumb ( water ratio Content ), Finishing and curing methods, weather conditions, concrete raw materials & colour. Above guidelines are based on recommendations listed in "A Guide to Residential Driveway Paving", published by the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

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Minimum charge for any asphalt paving project is $2000

Nortown Paving & Construction Inc. is fully insured and carries a performance bond registered with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. Nortown Paving & Construction Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

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